Fairfield North 

Where Nature Reigns!

New! Patio Homes planned for Fairfield North

Imagine, a little piece of utopia, carved out and set aside to be the crowning achievement - saving the best for last. That precisely describes the beauty of Fairfield Glade North, an area that Mother Nature paid particular attention to and is now available for a special few to call home. The elegant homes in this prestigious area enjoy stunning views of the mountains, rock bluffs, and ancient, protected forests.

And what better way to enjoy all the beauty this area offers than on the miles of serene nature trails meandering through the forests!

Our Fairfield North subdivisions offer these fine features:

  • Unique entryways and signs leading into the neighborhoods with matching lamp posts and pristine, curbed lanes with underground utilities.
  • Each large home site is protected by common areas of forested land. Never look into your neighbor’s back door again! The homes are carefully placed within this lush landscape of ancient trees - towering oaks, maples and hemlocks shelter the flowering mountain laurel, dogwoods and hollies beneath them.
  • Building restrictions to ensure other homes are comparable and will protect the important investment in your home.
  • Each home site has matching lamp posts and mailboxes.
  • Paved walking paths linking the neighborhoods and leading you to the nature trails.